Sowing our seed 5 years ago, we began selling some of the best LED grow lights on the market, boasting top of the range 1w chips. Fast forward to 2014 and our LED grow lights have grown alongside our business. They now support 3w chips and various products with double lens technology to truly optimise your plant growth. We currently offer 4 types of growlights, each offering optimum results for a variety of different needs. We have designed and continually developed the Helios, Super Helios, Evader and Photon Pro models to offer optimum growing conditions, mass yield and genuinely good value.

Why Use Growlights

Growlights are designed to recreate natural sunlight to help gardeners and other green fingered people grow everything from individual plants, to a small forest, without using a single ray of natural light. Extensive research has proven most of the sun's light is wasted, at Growlightuk we have developed our panels to use only the light that plants need to thrive. Mostly blue and red light spectrums promote healthy growth and flowering, thats why or 5 and 7 spectrum panels work so well. By using this light, not only can your plants grow all year round, but they can also grow stronger and healthier too.

Why buy from us?

At GrowlightUK we extensively test, develop and improve our growlights, keeping up to date with the latest innovative technology and design to maintain our reputation as one of the market leaders. We are so confident in our products that we offer a 90 day return period and a 5 year warranty. All of our deliveries are free in the UK and our European rates are extremely competitive. 

Helpful Tips from OverGrowTheUK for DIY bucket system

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